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20th February

10° DAUIN Lunch Seminar - Projects and actions to better defend our Country from cyber attacks

12.30-13.30 | Conference Room "Luigi Ciminiera"

Speaker: Rocco De Nicola and Paolo Prinetto

The seminar will be dedicated to the presentation of the volume "The future of Cybersecurity in Italy: Strategic focus areas" At the end of 2015, the CINI Cybersecurity National Laboratory produced a White Paper to present the main cybersecurity challenges that Italy had to face in the next five years. The volume focused mainly on the risks arising from cyber attacks and outlined a number of recommendations, including organisational ones. The present volume is a continuation of the previous one, with the aim of outlining a set of focus areas and actions that the Italian research community considers essential. The volume considers different aspects of cybersecurity, including: (i) the definition of infrastructures and centres necessary to organise defence; (ii) the actions and technologies to be developed to improve protection; (iii) the identification of the main technologies to defend; (iv) the proposal of a set of horizontal actions for training, awareness raising, and risk management.

The volume has been released in Italian and English.

A light lunch will be available for those who will have registered by February 18 on

LIVE streaming on YouTube DAUIN Channel.