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January 18th, 2017

Seminar announcement: Telecom-Italia Lab (TILAB)

11:30 a.m. room 1B

TWO ONE-HOUR SEMINARS will be given by
Maurizio Valvo and Marco Schiano from Telecom-Italia Lab (TILAB), on the
Telecom Italia (TIM) optical backbone and fiber access networks.


***** 11:30 AM: PONs (Passive Optical access Networks), their evolution and
deployment aspects, presented by Maurizio Valvo

***** 1:00 PM: Design of high capacity photonic backbones based on flexible
spectrum technologies, presented by Marco Schiano

After each presentation a short Q&A session will take place.

The seminars will take place in ROOM 1B (take the stairs to the right of the
Politecnico canteen/"mensa" entrance, go up to the first floor, then turn

Here below you can find short abstracts of the presentations and bios of the


- PONs (Passive Optical access Networks), their evolution and deployment

Abstract: The presentation will: provide an insight into some PON peculiar
mechanisms (e.g. traffic management and QoS, security and authentication,
path protection, reach extension) and how they are applied; give an overview
of Next Generation PON solutions and their challenges; present solutions for
PON monitoring and troubleshooting; give an overview of current FTTH
(fiber-to-the-home) deployment

Biography: Maurizio Valvo received his MSc degree in electronics engineering
cum laude at the University of Naples (Italy) in 1991. In the same year he
joined CSELT, the center for research in Telecommunications, now TIM Lab -
Turin where he is currently active. He has focused since the beginning of
his career on broadband access networks and in particular on PON systems,
which he also contributed to specify, develop and test during the 90's in
the framework of several European funded projects. He has led research
projects with the objective to specify and test, both in the laboratory and
in the field, innovative access network technologies based on PON, xDSL,
HFC, Wimax and free space optics. Currently he leads the laboratory for
fixed access network innovation and a research project for the innovation of
the Telecom Italia optical access network. He holds four patents and is
co-author of three books and several papers.


- Design of high capacity photonic backbones based on flexible spectrum

Abstract: this presentation provides an overview of the TIM photonic
backbone evolution based on flexible optical spectrum technologies. The
most important features of the new technologies are briefly described and
their benefits are discussed. Some examples of network dimensioning based on
real traffic forecasts are also presented.

Marco Schiano is a Project Manager of optical communications innovation
projects with 20 year experience in optical fibers, transmission systems,
and transport networks. After having managed a small company, he has moved
to TILAB (formerly CSELT), the research center of Telecom Italia, working on
the innovation of domestic and international optical networks. He has
participated in optical fibers standardization activities of ITU-T, and in
several research projects funded by the European Commission, playing the
role of Project Coordinator in NOBEL and NOBEL phase 2 projects. In 2007 he
earned the Project Management Professional certification from Project
Management Institute. In 2010 he co-chaired the Technical Program Committee
of ECOC 2010, the European Conference on Optical Communications. He is
co-author of 5 patents and more than 40 publications