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Fotio Tiotsop, Lohic; Mizdos, Tomas; Barkowsky, Marcus; Pocta, Peter; Servetti, Antonio; ... (2021)
Mimicking individual media quality perception with neural network based artificial observers. In: ACM TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING, COMMUNICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS. ISSN 1551-6857 Download fulltext
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Fotio Tiotsop, Lohic; Servetti, Antonio; Masala, Enrico (2020)
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Fotio Tiotsop, Lohic; Servetti, Antonio; Masala, Enrico (2020)
An integer linear programming model for efficient scheduling of UGV tasks in precision agriculture under human supervision. In: COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, vol. 114. ISSN 0305-0548
FOTIO TIOTSOP, Lohic; Servetti, Antonio; Masala, Enrico (2019)
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Low-Cost 3D Supported Interactive Control. In: IT PROFESSIONAL, vol. 16, pp. 34-40. ISSN 1520-9202 Download fulltext
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