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Iorio, Marco; Risso, Fulvio Giovanni Ottavio; Casetti, Claudio Ettore (In stampa)
When Latency Matters: Measurements and Lessons Learned. In: COMPUTER COMMUNICATION REVIEW. ISSN 0146-4833 Download fulltext
Raviglione, Francesco; Malinverno, Marco; Feraco, Stefano; Avino, Giuseppe; Casetti, ... (2021)
Experimental Assessment of IEEE 802.11-based V2I Communications. In: The Eighteenth ACM International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks (PE-WASUN) 2021, Alicante (Spain), November 2021 Download fulltext
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Rusca, Riccardo; Casetti, Claudio Ettore; Giaccone, Paolo (2021)
IoT for Real Time Presence Sensing on the 5G EVE Infrastructure. In: Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference (MedComNet 2021), Online, 15-17 June 2021. ISBN: 978-1-6654-3590-1 Download fulltext
Rapelli, Marco; Casetti, Claudio; Gagliardi, Giandomenico (2021)
Vehicular traffic simulation in the city of Turin from raw data. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING, pp. 1-1. ISSN 1536-1233 Download fulltext
Baranda, J.; Mangues-Bafalluy, J.; Zeydan, E.; Casetti, C.; Chiasserini, C. F.; ... (2021)
Demo: AIML-as-a-Service for SLA management of a Digital Twin Virtual Network Service. In: IEEE INFOCOM 2021 - Demo Session, Virtual conference due to COVID-19, May 2021 Download fulltext
Minetto, A.; Zocca, S.; Raviglione, F.; Malinverno, M.; Casetti, C. E.; Chiasserini, C. ... (2021)
Cooperative Localization Enhancement through GNSS Raw Data in Vehicular Networks. In: Globecom 2021, Madrid (Spain), December 2021 Download fulltext
Baranda, J.; Mangues-Bafalluy, J.; Zeydan, Engin; Vettori, L.; Martinez, R.; Li, Xi; ... (2020)
On the Integration of AI/ML-based scaling operations in the 5Growth platform. In: 2020 IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (NFV-SDN), Madrid (Spain), October 2020. ISBN: 978-1-7281-8160-8 Download fulltext
Malinverno, Marco; Raviglione, Francesco; Casetti, Claudio Ettore; Chiasserini, Carla ... (2020)
A Multi-stack Simulation Framework for Vehicular Applications Testing. In: International Symposium on Design and Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications (DIVANet’20), Spain, November 2020, pp. 17-24 Download fulltext
Moggio, Fabrizio; Boldi., Mauro Renato; Bernini, Giacomo; Landi, Giada; Canale, Silvia; ... (2020)
Poster: 5G EVE a European platform for 5G Application deployment. In: ACM Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization (WiNTECH), London, UK, Sept. 2020, pp. 124-125
Rapelli, M.; Casetti, C.; Sgarbi, M. (2020)
A Distributed V2V-Based Virtual Traffic Light System. In: 2020 International Conference on COMmunication Systems and NETworkS, COMSNETS 2020, Bengaluru, India, 2020, pp. 122-128. ISBN: 978-1-7281-3187-0 Download fulltext
Gebru, Kalkidan; Casetti, Claudio Ettore; Chiasserini, Carla Fabiana; Giaccone, Paolo (2020)
IoT-based Mobility Tracking for Smart City Applications. In: EuCNC 2020, Dubrovnik (Croatia), June 2020, pp. 326-330 Download fulltext
Baranda, J.; Mangues-Bafalluy, J.; Vettori, L.; Martinez, R.; Avino, G.; Chiasserini, C. ... (2020)
Arbitrating Network Services in 5G Networks for Automotive Vertical Industry. In: IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - Demo Session, Toronto (Canada), July 2020 Download fulltext
Malinverno, M.; Mangues-Bafalluy, J.; Casetti, C.; Chiasserini, C. F.; Requena-Esteso, ... (2020)
An Edge-based Framework for Enhanced Road Safety of Connected Cars. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 8, pp. 58018-58031. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Malinverno, Marco; Avino, Giuseppe; Casetti, Claudio Ettore; Chiasserini, Carla Fabiana; ... (2020)
Edge-Based Collision Avoidance for Vehicles and Vulnerable Users: An Architecture Based on MEC. In: IEEE VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE, vol. 12, pp. 27-35. ISSN 1556-6072 Download fulltext
Rapelli, Marco; Casetti, Claudio E.; Gagliardi, Giandomenico (2019)
TuST: from Raw Data to Vehicular Traffic Simulation in Turin. In: IEEE/ACM DS-RT 2019 The 23rd International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, Rende (CS), Italy, 7-9 October 2019, pp. 1-8. ISBN: 978-1-7281-2923-5 Download fulltext
Raviglione, Francesco; Malinverno, Marco; Casetti, CLAUDIO ETTORE (2019)
A Flexible, Protocol-agnostic Latency Measurement Platform. In: VTC2019-Fall, Honolulu (USA), September 22-25, 2019 Download fulltext
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Toward D2D-enhanced heterogeneous networks. In: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE, vol. 52, pp. 94-100. ISSN 0163-6804
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