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Professore Ordinario

Direttrice (Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica)
Componente (Senato Accademico)
COCI (Centrostudi4impact@PoliTo)
Componente Comitato di Ateneo per la ricerca (Comitato di Ateneo per la ricerca, il trasferimento tecnologico ed i servizi al territorio)
Componente Commissione Didattica (Commissione Didattica)
Componente Commissione Strategie per le Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Componente Gruppo di lavoro Osservatorio di Genere (Gruppo Lavoro Osservatorio di Genere)
Membro Centro Interdipartimentale (SmartData@PoliTO - Big Data and Data Science Laboratory)

+39 0110907075 / 7075 (DAUIN)

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Elena Baralis is full professor in the Computer Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Torino since January 2005. She holds a laurea degree in Electrical Engineering (1986) and a Ph.D. in Computer and Systems Engineering (1994), both from Politecnico di Torino. She lectures on , data science and machine learning, database systems and related technologies, data warehousing.

She is currently chair of the Control and Computer Engineering Department and was chair of the Computer Engineering School of the Politecnico di Torino from October 2012 to October 2018. She is currently a member of the Senato Accademico (managing board of the Politecnico di Torino), and also was has been member from February 2002 to December 2004.

Her current research interests are in the field of database systems and data mining, more specifically on explainable AI, bias detection in data analytics, and machine learning algorithms for big data. Her research activity also focuses on the study of algorithms for various data mining tasks on diverse application domains (e.g., predictive maintenance, industry 4.0, health). She has published over 200 papers in international journals (IEEE TKDE, ACM TODS, ACM TOIS) and conference proceedings (IEEE ICDE, IEEE ICDM, VLDB). She visited IBM Almaden Research Labs (California), Stanford University Computer Science Department, and recently Narus Inc. (California).

She has been area-chair of several editions of IEEE Int. Conf. on Data Mining ('08,’12, ICDM’14 - ICDM’22), ACM Knowledge Discovery in Data - Applied Data Science Track (’17-19, ’22), ECML-PKDD'11. She has served on the program committees of several international conferences and workshops.

(Area 0009 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione)
Identificativi ORCID: 0000-0001-9231-467X

Settori ERC

PE6_7 - Artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, multi agent systems PE6_9 - Human computer interaction and interface, visualisation and natural language processing PE6_11 - Machine learning, statistical data processing and applications using signal processing (e.g. speech, image, video) PE6_10 - Web and information systems, database systems, information retrieval and digital libraries, data fusion


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

Parole chiave libere

Bias detection in data and algorithms Big data analytics Data mining Data science Explainable ai Machine learning Natural language processing
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Comitati editoriali

  • IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL (2016-2019), Direttore di rivista, collana editoriale, enciclopedia
  • KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (2014-), Direttore di rivista, collana editoriale, enciclopedia

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  • Accordo Quadro di collaborazione istituzionale tra Poltiecnico di Torino, Fondazione Torino Wireless, Fondazione LINKS e Città di Torino, (2019-2022) - Membro di Comitato

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    • Fondazione LINKS Leading Innovatione and Knowledge for Society