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Ramirez Espinosa, Gustavo Adolfo; Montrucchio, Bartolomeo; Giusto, Edoardo; Rebaudengo, ... (In stampa)
Low-cost PM Sensor Behaviour Based on Duty-Cycle Analysis. In: ETFA 2021 - 26th Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, Västerås (SE), 7-10 Settembre 2021
Ramirez Espinosa, Gustavo Adolfo; Montrucchio, Bartolomeo; Gandino, Filippo; Rebaudengo, ... (2021)
Frequency Analysis of Particulate Matter in Urban Environments under Low-cost Sensors. In: 2021 International Conference on Computer Communication and Artificial Intelligence ({CCAI}), Guangzhou, China, 7-9 May 2021, pp. 97-105. ISBN: 9781728194011
Páez, Rafael; Pérez, Manuel; Ramírez, Gustavo; Montes, Juan; Bouvarel, Lucas (2020)
An Architecture for Biometric Electronic Identification Document System Based on Blockchain †. In: FUTURE INTERNET, vol. 12. ISSN 1999-5903 Download fulltext
D. A. Q., Chaparro; Ramirez Espinosa, Gustavo Adolfo (2015)
Time grid generator for Beat synchronization systems on an embedded system. In: 20th Symposium on Signal Processing, Images and Computer Vision, STSIVA 2015, Bogota, Colombia, 2-4 Sept. 2015, pp. 1-6. ISBN: 9781467394611
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