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Piano, Luca; Garcea, Fabio; Gatteschi, Valentina; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Morra, Lia (In stampa)
Detecting drift in deep learning: A methodology primer. In: IT PROFESSIONAL. ISSN 1520-9202
Cannavò, Alberto; Gatteschi, Valentina; Macis, Luca; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2022)
Automatic generation of 3D animations from text and images. In: 1st International Conference on eXtended Reality (XR SALENTO 2022), Lecce, Italy, July 6-8, 2022, pp. 77-91. ISBN: 978-3-031-15545-1
Gatteschi, Valentina; Cannavò, Alberto; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Morra, Lia; Montuschi, Paolo (2022)
Comparing algorithms for aggressive driving event detection based on vehicle motion data. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, vol. 71, pp. 53-68. ISSN 0018-9545
Morra, Lia; Gatteschi, Valentina; Mohanty, SARAJU P.; Chang, YUAN-HAO (2021)
Guest Editorial: Special Section on New Frontiers in Computing for Next-Generation Healthcare Systems. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TOPICS IN COMPUTING, vol. 9. ISSN 2168-6750
Gatteschi, Valentina; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Demartini, CLAUDIO GIOVANNI; Pranteda, Chiara; ... (2017)
Blockchain or not blockchain, that is the question of the insurance and other sectors. In: IT PROFESSIONAL, vol. 20, pp. 62-74. ISSN 1520-9202
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