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Yang, Weitao; Du, Boyang; He, Chaohui; Sterpone, Luca (2021)
Reliability assessment on 16 nm ultrascale+ MPSoC using fault injection and fault tree analysis. In: MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY, vol. 120. ISSN 0026-2714
Yang, Weitao; Li, Yong-hong; Guo, Ya-xin; Zhao, Hao-yu; Li, Yang; Li, Pei; He, Chao-hui; ... (2020)
Investigation of Single Event Effect in 28nm System-on-Chip with Multi Patterns. In: CHINESE PHYSICS B. ISSN 1674-1056
Yang, W.; Li, Y.; Zhang, W.; Guo, Y.; Zhao, H.; Wei, J.; Li, Y.; He, C.; Chen, K.; Guo, ... (2020)
Electron inducing soft errors in 28 nm system-on-Chip. In: RADIATION EFFECTS AND DEFECTS IN SOLIDS, vol. 175, pp. 745-754. ISSN 1042-0150
Azimi, Sarah; De Sio, Corrado; Yang, Weitao; Sterpone, Luca (2020)
A New Single Event Transient Hardened Floating Gate Configurable Logic Circuit. In: 18th IEEE International NEWCAS, Montreal, Canada, June 16-19, 2020, pp. 311-314 Download fulltext
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