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  • Ingegneria informatica e dei sistemi, 2010/11 (26. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • Ingegneria informatica e dei sistemi, 2009/10 (25. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • Ingegneria informatica e dei sistemi, 2008/9 (24. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
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Other activities and projects related to teaching

Andrea Sanna has been involving in a large number of teaching activities of Bachelor, Master Science degree and Ph.D. since the academic year 1996/97; moreover, he has been involved in several postgraduate courses. A. Sanna taught both in Italian and in English for courses attended up to 319 students (1st year Informatica: fundamental of computer science). A. Sanna is currently the lecturer for: Informatica (1st year, 242 students, 8CFU), Modelli digitali e geometrie delle forme (1st year, 120 students, 3CFU), Rendering per il design (1st year, 107 students, 3CFU), Computer animation (5th year, 111 students, 6CFU), Soluzioni di grafica 3D in applicazioni biometriche (5th year, 111 students, 6CFU), and Human-machine Interaction (Ph.D, 20h). A. Sanna has been also the lecturer for the following courses (see the complete list of Andrea Sanna’s teaching activities):

• Operating systems (Sistemi operativi)
• Fundamental of computer graphics (Informatica grafica)
• Computer architecture (Calcolatori elettronici)
• Microprocessor systems (Sistemi a microprocessore)
• Computer networks (Reti di calcolatori)
• Virtual reality and computer animation (Realtà virtuale e computer animation)
• Ipermedia and web development (Ipermedia e sviluppo web)
• 3D Modeling and rendering (Modelli digitali e geometrie delle forme e Rendering per il design)

Considering all teaching activities, A. Sanna has been the lecturer (professorship) for 113 courses, teaching assistant for 20 courses and tutor for 19 courses. Andrea Sanna also video recorded, together prof. Paolo Monuschi, 13 lessons for the course Informatica Grafica commissioned by the Neptune Consortium on 2000.
The following table lists all teaching activities per year. Moreover, A. Sanna is Currently the vice coordinator of the 1st level Master in Smart Product Design 4.0 (2020-2021). A. Sanna is designing and managing the student challenge by firms “Visual Recognition for Assisted Maintenance“ (sponsored by Leonardo S.p.A.) related to augmented maintenance for aircrafts.

Andrea Sanna attended to the course “Apprendere a Insegnare nell’Higher Education” for the Academic Year (2017/2018); this course aims to improve teaching capabilities of the Politecnico di Torino teaching staff. The successful participation has been certified (see Annex 6).

Andrea Sanna has been selected for the 1st edition of the Mentoring Polito Project (M2P): 20 expert teachers of about 800 tenured professors and researchers have been selected to be trained as mentors. Mentors will support colleagues in order to improve teaching activities. The M2P project started in September 2021 and concluded on June 2022