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Componente Comitato Esecutivo della Scuola di Master e Formazione Permanente (Specialising Master’s Programmes and Lifelong Learning School)
Componente Delegazione Parte Datoriale

+39 0110907010 / 7010 (DAUIN)

+39 0110907027 / 7027 (DAUIN)

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Scanzio, Stefano; Ghazi Vakili, Mohammad; Cena, Gianluca; Demartini, Claudio Giovanni; ... (2020)
From Real Data of Wireless Sensor Networks based on TSCH, to a Prediction of Reliability, Power Consumption, and Latency (dataset).
Demartini, Claudio Giovanni; Benussi, Lorenzo; Gatteschi, Valentina; Renga, Flavio (2020)
Education and Digital Transformation: The Riconnessioni Project. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 8, pp. 186233-186256. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Scanzio, Stefano; Vakili, Mohammad Ghazi; Cena, Gianluca; Demartini, Claudio Giovanni; ... (2020)
Wireless Sensor Networks and TSCH: a compromise between Reliability, Power Consumption and Latency. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 8, pp. 167042-167058. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Cannavo', Alberto; Demartini, CLAUDIO GIOVANNI; Morra, Lia; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2019)
Immersive virtual reality-based interfaces for character animation. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 7, pp. 125463-125480. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Gatteschi, Valentina; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Demartini, Claudio Giovanni; Pranteda, Chiara; ... (2017)
Blockchain or not blockchain, that is the question of the insurance and other sectors. In: IT PROFESSIONAL, vol. 20, pp. 62-74. ISSN 1520-9202
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