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PhD Student
Adjunct Professor

Most recent publications

Bringhenti, Daniele; Valenza, Fulvio (In stampa)
Optimizing distributed firewall reconfiguration transients. In: COMPUTER NETWORKS. ISSN 1389-1286
Bringhenti, Daniele; Valenza, Fulvio; Basile, Cataldo (2022)
Towards Cybersecurity Personalization in Smart Homes. In: IEEE SECURITY & PRIVACY, vol. 20, pp. 45-53. ISSN 1540-7993
Bringhenti, Daniele; Yusupov, Jalolliddin; Zarca, Alejandro Molina; Valenza, Fulvio; ... (2022)
Automatic, verifiable and optimized policy-based security enforcement for SDN-aware IoT networks. In: COMPUTER NETWORKS, vol. 213, pp. 109-123. ISSN 1389-1286
Bringhenti, Daniele; Valenza, Fulvio (2022)
A twofold model for VNF embedding and time-sensitive network flow scheduling. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 10, pp. 44384-44399. ISSN 2169-3536
Bringhenti, Daniele; Marchetto, Guido; Sisto, Riccardo; Valenza, Fulvio; Yusupov, ... (2022)
Automated firewall configuration in virtual networks. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING. ISSN 1545-5971
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