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Strada, Francesco; Battegazzorre, Edoardo; Ameglio, Enrico; Turello, Simone; Bottino, ... (2022)
Assessing Visual Cues for Improving Awareness in Collaborative Augmented Reality. In: XR Salento 2022, Lecce, Italy, 6-8 July, 2022, pp. 1-19
Battegazzorre, Edoardo; Bottino, Andrea; Domaneschi, Marco; Cimellaro, Gian Paolo (2021)
IdealCity: a Hybrid Approach to Seismic Evacuation Modeling. In: ADVANCES IN ENGINEERING SOFTWARE, vol. 153. ISSN 0965-9978
Battegazzorre, Edoardo; Bottino, Andrea; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2021)
Training Medical Communication Skills with Virtual Patients: Literature Review and Directions for Future Research. In: 12th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2020), Online, December 11-15, 2020, pp. 207-226. ISBN: 978-3-030-76425-8
Battegazzorre, Edoardo; Calandra, Davide; Strada, Francesco; Bottino, Andrea; Lamberti, ... (2020)
Evaluating the suitability of several AR devices and tools for industrial applications. In: 7th International Conference on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (AVR 2020), Lecce, Italia, September 7-10, 2020, pp. 248-267. ISSN 0302-9743. ISBN: 978-3-030-58467-2
Corelli, Fabrizio; Battegazzorre, Edoardo; Strada, Francesco; Bottino, Andrea; Paolo ... (2020)
Assessing the Usability of Different Virtual Reality Systems for Firefighter Training. In: HUCAPP 2020, Valletta, Malta, 27-29.02.2020, pp. 1-6
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