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Attanasio, Giuseppe; Nozza, Debora; Pastor, Eliana; Hovy, Dirk (2022)
Benchmarking Post-Hoc Interpretability Approaches for Transformer-based Misogyny Detection. In: Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 100-112
Giordano, Danilo; Giobergia, Flavio; Pastor, Eliana; La Macchia, Antonio; Cerquitelli, ... (2022)
Data-driven strategies for predictive maintenance: Lesson learned from an automotive use case. In: COMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY, vol. 134. ISSN 0166-3615
Pastor, Eliana; Gavgavian, Andrew; Baralis, Elena; de Alfaro, Luca (2021)
How Divergent Is Your Data?. In: 47th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, pp. 2835-2838
Pastor, Eliana (2021)
Pattern-based algorithms for Explainable AI. relatore: BARALIS, ELENA MARIA; , 33. XXIII Ciclo, P.: 167
Pastor, Eliana; de Alfaro, Luca; Baralis, ELENA MARIA (2021)
Identifying Biased Subgroups in Ranking and Classification.
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