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Alliegro, Antonio; Cappio Borlino, Francesco; Tommasi, Tatiana (In stampa)
Towards Open Set 3D Learning: Benchmarking and Understanding Semantic Novelty Detection on Pointclouds. In: Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing Systems Track on Datasets and Benchmarks, New Orleans, Louisiana
Cappio Borlino, Francesco; Bucci, Silvia; Tommasi, Tatiana (In stampa)
Semantic Novelty Detection via Relational Reasoning. In: European Conference on Computer Vision ECCV 2022
Cappio Borlino, Francesco; Bucci, Silvia; Tommasi, Tatiana (In stampa)
Contrastive Learning for Cross-Domain Open World Recognition. In: The 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022), Kyoto (Giappone), 23-27 ottobre 2022
Bucci, Silvia; Borlino, Francesco Cappio; Caputo, Barbara; Tommasi, Tatiana (2022)
Distance-based Hyperspherical Classification for Multi-source Open-Set Domain Adaptation. In: IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, Waikoloa, Hawaii, January 4-8, 2022, pp. 1030-1039
Cappio Borlino, Francesco; Polizzotto, Salvatore; Caputo, Barbara; Tommasi, Tatiana (2022)
Self-supervision & meta-learning for one-shot unsupervised cross-domain detection. In: COMPUTER VISION AND IMAGE UNDERSTANDING. ISSN 1077-3142
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