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Gianino, Maria Michela; Nurchis, Mario Cesare; Politano, Gianfranco; Rousset, Stefano; ... (2021)
Evaluation of the Strategies to Control COVID-19 Pandemic in Four European Countries. In: FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH, vol. 9. ISSN 2296-2565 Download fulltext
Bardini, Roberta; Benso, Alfredo; Politano, Gianfranco; Di Carlo, Stefano (2021)
Nets-within-nets for modeling emergent patterns in ontogenetic processes. In: COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, pp. 1-40. ISSN 2001-0370 Download fulltext
Gianino, M. M.; Savatteri, A.; Politano, G.; Nurchis, M. C.; Pascucci, D.; Damiani, G. (2021)
Burden of COVID-19: Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) across 16 European countries. In: EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES, vol. 205, pp. 5529-5541. ISSN 2284-0729 Download fulltext
Benso, Alfredo; Di Carlo, Stefano; Politano, Gianfranco (2021)
Engineering Minds for Biologists. In: Your Passport to a Career in Bioinformatics / Suravajhala P. N., Singapore, Springer, pp. 79-90. ISBN: 978-981-15-9543-1
Bozzini, S.; Pandolfi, L.; Rossi, E.; Inghilleri, S.; Zorzetto, M.; Ferrario, G.; Di ... (2021)
miRNAs Potentially Involved in Post Lung Transplant-Obliterative Bronchiolitis: The Role of miR-21-5p. In: CELLS, vol. 10, pp. 1-13. ISSN 2073-4409 Download fulltext
Borraccino, A.; Campagna, S.; Politano, G.; Dalmasso, M.; Dimonte, V.; Gianino, M. M. (2020)
Predictors and trajectories of ED visits among patients receiving palliative home care services: Findings from a time series analysis (2013-2017). In: BMC PALLIATIVE CARE, vol. 19. ISSN 1472-684X Download fulltext
Viottini, E.; Politano, G.; Fornero, G.; Pavanelli, P. L.; Borelli, P.; Bonaudo, M.; ... (2020)
Determinants of aggression against all health care workers in a large-sized university hospital. In: BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH, vol. 20. ISSN 1472-6963 Download fulltext
Scattaglia, M; Campagna, S; Politano, G; Dalmasso, M; Dimonte, V; Gianino, M (2020)
Determinants related to the risk of using ED among paediatric patients receiving home care services. In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, vol. 30. ISSN 1101-1262 Download fulltext
Gianino, M. M.; Kakaa, O.; Politano, G.; Scarmozzino, A.; Benso, A.; Zotti, C. M. (2020)
Severe and moderate seasonal influenza epidemics among Italian healthcare workers: A comparison of the excess of absenteeism. In: INFLUENZA AND OTHER RESPIRATORY VIRUSES, vol. 0, pp. 1-10. ISSN 1750-2640 Download fulltext
Campagna, Sara; Borraccino, Alberto; Politano, Gianfranco; Benso, Alfredo; Dalmasso, ... (2020)
Determinants Associated With the Risk of Emergency Department Visits Among Patients Receiving Integrated Home Care Services: A 6-Year Retrospective Observational Study in a Large Italian Region. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH POLICY AND MANAGEMENT. ISSN 2322-5939 Download fulltext
Politano, G.; Benso, A. (2020)
IL6-mediated HCoV-host interactome regulatory network and GO/Pathway enrichment analysis. In: PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, vol. 16. ISSN 1553-734X Download fulltext
Zhou, N.; Jiang, Y.; Bergquist, T. R.; Lee, A. J.; Kacsoh, B. Z.; Crocker, A. W.; Lewis, ... (2019)
The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens. In: GENOME BIOLOGY, vol. 20, pp. 1-23. ISSN 1474-760X Download fulltext
Vicentini, C.; Politano, G.; Corcione, S.; Furmenti, M. F.; Quattrocolo, F.; De Rosa, F. ... (2019)
Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis prescribing practices and impact on infection risk: Results from a multicenter surveillance study in Italy (2012-2017). In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTION CONTROL, vol. 47, pp. 1426-1430. ISSN 0196-6553
Vicentini, C.; Dalmasso, P.; Politano, G.; Furmenti, M. F.; Quattrocolo, F.; Zotti, C. M. (2019)
Surgical Site Infections in Italy, 2009-2015: Incidence, Trends, and Impact of Surveillance Duration on Infection Risk. In: SURGICAL INFECTIONS, vol. 20, pp. 504-509. ISSN 1096-2964
Manago’, Antonella; Audrito, Valentina; Mazzola, Francesca; Sorci, Leonardo; Gaudino, ... (2019)
A circulating NAD biosynthetic enzyme is a novel modulator of inflammation. In: THE JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 202, pp. 52.2-52.2. ISSN 1550-6606
Managò, Antonella; Audrito, Valentina; Mazzola, Francesca; Sorci, Leonardo; Gaudino, ... (2019)
Extracellular nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase binds Toll like receptor 4 and mediates inflammation. In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 10. ISSN 2041-1723 Download fulltext
‘One DB to rule them all’ - the RING: a Regulatory INteraction Graph combining TFs, genes/proteins, SNPs, diseases and drugs. In: DATABASE, vol. 2019, pp. 1-14. ISSN 1758-0463 Download fulltext
Cortese, Claudio Giovanni; Emanuel, Federica; Colombo, Lara; Bonaudo, Marco; Politano, ... (2019)
The Evaluation of Organizational Well-Being in An Italian Teaching Hospital Using the ANAC Questionnaire. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH, vol. 16. ISSN 1660-4601 Download fulltext
Muggianu, F.; Benso, A.; Bardini, R.; Hu, E.; Politano, G.; Carlo, S. Di (2018)
Modeling biological complexity using Biology System Description Language (BiSDL). In: IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, BIBM 2018, Madrid, Spain, 3-6 Dec. 2018, pp. 713-717. ISBN: 9781538654880 Download fulltext
Bardini, R.; Politano, G.; Benso, A.; Di Carlo, S. (2018)
Computational Tools for Applying Multi-level Models to Synthetic Biology. In: Synthetic Biology: Omics Tools and Their Applications / S. Singh, Singapore, Springer, pp. 95-112. ISBN: 978-981-10-8692-2
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