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Borodani, P.; FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Malan, Stefano; Pisoni, E. (2000)
An original approach for the cylinder by cylinder A/F ratio control with a linear oxygen sensor. In: 5th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control
Canale, Massimo; FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Malan, Stefano; Taragna, Michele (1999)
Robust tuning of low-order controllers via uncertainty model identification. In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CONTROL, vol. 5, pp. 316-328. ISSN 0947-3580
Villa, Agostino; FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Ares Gomez, J. E. (1987)
Production planning and control in multi-stage multi-product systems. In: Modern Production Management Systems / Kusiak A., Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., pp. 247-255. ISBN: 0444702725
FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Lombardi, Franco; Villa, Agostino (1987)
Integration of multi-hierarchy control architectures for complex systems. In: 1987 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control, Philadelphia, USA, pp. 71-79
FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Villa, Agostino (1986)
A comparative analysis and evaluation of decentralized control structures. In: 4th IFAC(IFORS Symposium on Large Scale Systems: Theory and Applications, Zurigo, pp. 363-367
R., Conterno; FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Menga, Giuseppe; Villa, Agostino (1985)
A large scale system approach to the production planning and control problem. In: 24th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Fort Laurendale, USA, pp. 2016-2021
R., Conterno; FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Villa, Agostino (1985)
The role of Hierarchy in the control of manufacturing systems. In: 3rd Bilateral Meeting GDR-Italy on Advances in Informational Aspects of Industrial Automation, Berlin, GDR, pp. 30-38
FIORIO BELLETTI, Giovanni; Villa, Agostino (1985)
Analisi comparata di architetture di controllo a molti decisori. In: Metodologie e Dispositivi per l'Identificazione, il Controllo e l'Elaborazione dei Segnali nei Sistemi Dinamici, Como, 3-5 Giugno 1985, pp. 93-98
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