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Iaria, Giusy; Angione, Francesco; Bernardi, Paolo; SONZA REORDA, Matteo; Davide, ... (In stampa)
A novel Pattern Selection Algorithm to reduce the Test Cost of large Automotive Systems-on-Chip. In: Latin American Test Symposium
Iaria, G.; Foscale, T.; Bernardi, P.; Presicce, L.; Sonza Reorda, M.; Appello, D.; ... (2022)
A novel SEU injection setup for Automotive SoC. In: 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Anchorage, AK (USA), 01-03 June 2022, pp. 623-626. ISBN: 978-1-6654-8240-0
Angione, F.; Appello, D.; Aribido, J.; Athavale, J.; Bellarmino, N.; Bernardi, P.; ... (2022)
Test, Reliability and Functional Safety Trends for Automotive System-on-Chip. In: 2022 IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS), Barcelona (Spain), 23-27 May 2022, pp. 1-10. ISBN: 978-1-6654-6706-3
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