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Carminati, Luca; Cacciamani, Federico; Ciccone, Marco; Gatti, Nicola (2022)
A Marriage between Adversarial Team Games and 2-player Games: Enabling Abstractions, No-regret Learning, and Subgame Solving. In: 39th International Conference on Machine Learning, Baltimore, Maryland (USA), 17-23 July 2022
Carminati, Luca; Lodigiani, Giacomo; Maldini, Pietro; Meta, Samuele; Metaj, Stiven; ... (2021)
Lightweight and Scalable Model for Tweet Engagements Predictions in a Resource-constrained Environment. In: 16th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, pp. 28-33. ISBN: 9781450386937
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