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Vice Head of Department (Department of Control and Computer Engineering)
Member of Interdepartmental Center (PEIC - Power Electronics Innovation Center)

+39 0110907009 / 7009 (DAUIN)

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Angione, F.; Appello, D.; Aribido, J.; Athavale, J.; Bellarmino, N.; Bernardi, P.; ... (2022)
Test, Reliability and Functional Safety Trends for Automotive System-on-Chip. In: 2022 IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS), Barcelona (Spain), 23-27 May 2022, pp. 1-10. ISBN: 978-1-6654-6706-3
Azimi, S.; De Sio, C.; Portaluri, A.; Sterpone, L. (2022)
Design and Mitigation techniques of Radiation induced SEEs on Open-Source Embedded Static RAMs. In: VLSI-SoC / S.N., S.L., Springer
De Sio, Corrado; Azimi, Sarah; Portaluri, Andrea; Rizzieri, Daniele; Vacca, Eleonora; ... (2022)
Proton-induced MBU Effects in Real-time Operating System on Embedded Soft Processor. In: IEEE Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems 2022, pp. 1-4
Portaluri, Andrea; Azimi, Sarah; De Sio, Corrado; Sterpone, Luca; Merodio Codinachs, ... (2022)
Radiation-induced Effects on DMA Data Transfer in Reconfigurable Devices. In: IEEE The 28th International Symposium on On-Line Testing and Robust System Design (IOLTS 2022), Turin, 12-14 September 2022, pp. 1-7
Portaluri, Andrea; Azimi, Sarah; DE SIO, Corrado; Rizzieri, Daniele; Sterpone, Luca (2022)
On the Reliability of Real-time Operating System on Embedded Soft Processor for Space Applications. In: 35th GI/ITG International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, Heilbronn (Germany), September, 2022, pp. 1-14
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