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Grimaldi, Matteo (2021)
Hardware-Aware Compression Techniques for Embedded Deep Neural Networks. relatore: MACII, Enrico; CALIMERA, ANDREA; , 33. XXIII Ciclo, P.: 161 Download fulltext
Grimaldi, Matteo; Peluso, Valentino; Calimera, Andrea (2020)
EAST: Encoding-Aware Sparse Training for Deep Memory Compression of ConvNets. In: IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS), pp. 233-237. ISBN: 978-1-7281-4922-6 Download fulltext
Peluso, V.; Grimaldi, M.; Calimera, A. (2019)
Arbitrary-Precision Convolutional Neural Networks on Low-Power IoT Processors. In: 27th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, VLSI-SoC 2019, per, 2019, pp. 142-147. ISBN: 978-1-7281-3915-9 Download fulltext
Grimaldi, Matteo; Peluso, Valentino; Calimera, Andrea (2019)
Optimality Assessment of Memory-Bounded ConvNets Deployed on Resource-Constrained RISC Cores. In: IEEE ACCESS, pp. 1-13. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Grimaldi, Matteo; Tenace, Valerio; Calimera, Andrea (2019)
Layer-wise compressive training for convolutional neural networks. In: FUTURE INTERNET, vol. 11. ISSN 1999-5903 Download fulltext
Bonato, Paolo; Sapienza, Stefano; Grimaldi, Matteo; Fabara, Eric; Daneault, Jean-Francois (2018)
Muscle Synergies as the Basis for the Control of a Hand Prosthesis. In: ARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, vol. 99, pp. 207-208. ISSN 0003-9993
Lee, Sunghoon I; Adans-Dester, Catherine P; Grimaldi, Matteo; Dowling, Ariel V; Horak, ... (2018)
Enabling Stroke Rehabilitation in Home and Community Settings: A Wearable Sensor-Based Approach for Upper-Limb Motor Training. In: IEEE JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL ENGINEERING IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE, vol. 6, pp. 2100411-11. ISSN 2168-2372 Download fulltext
Grimaldi, M.; Pugliese, F.; Tenace, V.; Calimera, A. (2018)
A compression-driven training framework for embedded deep neural networks. In: 2018 Workshop on INTelligent Embedded Systems Architectures and Applications, INTESA 2018, ita, 2018, pp. 45-50. ISBN: 9781450365987
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