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Fulcini, Tommaso; Garaccione, Giacomo; Coppola, Riccardo; Ardito, Luca; Torchiano, Marco (2022)
Guidelines for GUI Testing Maintenance: A Linter for Test Smell Detection. In: A-TEST 2022: 13th Workshop on Automating Test Case Design, Selection and Evaluation, Singapore, November 17-18, 2022
Garaccione, Giacomo; Fulcini, Tommaso; Torchiano, Marco (2022)
GERRY: A Gamified Browser Tool for GUI Testing. In: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Gamification of Software Development, Verification, and Validation (Gamify '22), Singapore, November 17, 2022
Fulcini, Tommaso; Ardito, Luca (2022)
Gamified Exploratory GUI Testing of Web Applications: a Preliminary Evaluation. In: 2022 IEEE 14th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops, Virtual Event, 4–13 April 2022, pp. 215-222
Cacciotto, Filippo; Fulcini, Tommaso; Coppola, Riccardo; Ardito, Luca (2021)
A Metric Framework for the Gamification of Web and Mobile GUI Testing. In: INTUITESTBEDS (International Workshop on User Interface Test Automation and Testing Techniques for Event Based Software), Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, 12-16 April 2021, pp. 126-129
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