In its cultural areas of expertise, the DAUIN Department, through the Commission of Computer, Cinema, and Mechatronic Engineering, organizes and manages higher education (Bachelor and Master of Science degrees). Moreover, the DAUIN Department participates in the organization and management of Master courses (first and second level), coordinated by the Specializing Master and Lifelong Learning School, and the PhD course in Computer and Control Engineering, coordinated by the Doctoral School.

The DAUIN Department coordinates the Master of Science degrees in: 

Essential features of the training activities are the transfer to the students of the knowledge acquired through the research activities and the use of innovative teaching tools. The DAUIN Department is indeed committed to the creation and management of teaching laboratories that support experimental activities during the courses of its competence and during the thesis work.


  • Secretariat of the Commission of Computer, Cinema, and Mechatronic Engineering:

to communicate with the office, students and graduates must use the ticketing service https://www.polito.it/en/contact-us/contacts-for-students

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