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Ricercatore a tempo determinato Legge 240/10 art.24-B

Membro Centro Interdipartimentale (SmartData@PoliTO - Big Data and Data Science Laboratory)

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Colomba, Luca; Farasin, Alessandro; Monaco, Simone; Greco, Salvatore; Garza, Paolo; ... (In stampa)
A Dataset for Burned Area Delineation and Severity Estimation from Satellite Imagery. In: International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) 2022, Atlanta (Georgia, USA), 17/10/2022 - 21/10/2022
Monaco, Simone; Apiletti, Daniele (2022)
Experimental Comparison of Theory-Guided Deep Learning Algorithms. In: European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2022), Torino, September 5-8 2022, pp. 256-265. ISSN 1865-0929. ISBN: 978-3-031-15742-4
Ventura, Francesco; Greco, Salvatore; Apiletti, Daniele; Cerquitelli, Tania (2022)
Trusting deep learning natural-language models via local and global explanations. In: KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS, vol. 64, pp. 1863-1907. ISSN 0219-1377
Monaco, Simone; Bethaz, Paolo; Apiletti, Daniele; Baldini, Fabrizio Pio; Caso, Carlo; ... (2022)
Exploring waste-collection fleet data: challenges in a real-world use case from multiple data providers. In: EDBT/ICDT Workshop, 6th International workshop on Data Analytics solutions for Real-LIfe APplications, Edinburgh, March 29 - April 1, 2022
Monaco, Simone; Apiletti, Daniele; Malnati, Giovanni (2022)
Theory-Guided Deep Learning Algorithms: An Experimental Evaluation. In: ELECTRONICS, vol. 11. ISSN 2079-9292
Monaco, Simone; Bussola, Nicole; Butto, Sara; Sona, Diego; Apiletti, Daniele; Jurman, ... (2021)
Cyst segmentation on kidney tubules by means of U-Net deep-learning models. In: IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 15-18 Dec. 2021, pp. 3923-3926. ISBN: 978-1-6654-3902-2
Monaco, Simone; Greco, Salvatore; Farasin, Alessandro; Colomba, Luca; Apiletti, Daniele; ... (2021)
Attention to Fires: Multi-Channel Deep Learning Models for Wildfire Severity Prediction. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 11. ISSN 2076-3417
Marguglio, Angelo; Veneziano, Giuseppe; Greco, Pietro; Jung, Sven; Siegburg, Robert; ... (2021)
A hybrid cloud-to-edge predictive maintenance platform. In: Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories / Marguglio A., Veneziano G., Greco P., Jung S., Siegburg R., Schmitt R. H., Monaco S., Apiletti D., Cerquitelli T., Nikolakis N., Macii E., S.L., Springer, pp. 19-37. ISBN: 978-981-16-2940-2
Cerquitelli, Tania; Ventura, Francesco; Apiletti, Daniele; Baralis, Elena; Macii, ... (2021)
Enhancing manufacturing intelligence through an unsupervised data-driven methodology for cyclic industrial processes. In: EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS. ISSN 0957-4174
Monaco, Simone; Pasini, Andrea; Apiletti, Daniele; Colomba, Luca; Farasin, Alessandro; ... (2021)
Double-Step deep learning framework to improve wildfire severity classification. In: Workshops of the 24th International Conference on Extending Database Technology/24th International Conference on Database Theory, EDBT-ICDT 2021, Nicosia (Cyprus), March 23-26, 2021. ISBN: 978-3-89318-084-4
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