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Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; De Lorenzis, Federico; Calandra, Davide; Cannavò, Alberto; ... (2021)
Exploring simulation-based virtual reality as a mock-up tool to support the design of first responders training. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 11:16, pp. 1-13. ISSN 2076-3417 Download fulltext
Lamberti, Fabrizio; De Lorenzis, Federico; Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; Migliorini, ... (2021)
An immersive virtual reality platform for training CBRN operators. In: 45th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2021), Symposium on Computer Education and Learning Technologies (CELT), Online, July 12-16, 2021, pp. 133-137. ISBN: 978-1-6654-2464-6
Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; De Lorenzis, Federico; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2021)
Look at it this way: A comparison of metaphors for directing the user's gaze in extended reality training systems. In: 7th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN2021), iLRN Virtual Campus, May 17 - June 10, 2021
Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2021)
Towards the adoption of virtual reality training systems for the self-tuition of industrial robot operators: A case study at KUKA. In: COMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY, vol. 129. ISSN 0166-3615
Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Cannavò, Alberto; Morra, Lia; Montuschi, ... (2021)
Comparing state-of-the-art and emerging augmented reality interfaces for autonomous vehicle-to-pedestrian communication. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, vol. 70, pp. 1157-1168. ISSN 0018-9545 Download fulltext
Calandra, Davide; Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; Migliorini, Massimo; Verda, Vittorio; ... (2021)
A multi-role, multi-user, multi-technology virtual reality-based road tunnel fire simulator for training purposes. In: 16th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP 2021), February 8-10, 2021, pp. 96-105. ISBN: 978-989-758-488-6
Pratticò, Filippo Gabriele; Navarro Merino, Francisco; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2021)
Is learning by teaching an effective approach in mixed-reality robotic training systems?. In: 12th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2020), December 11-15, 2020, pp. 177-190. ISBN: 978-3-030-76425-8
Cannavo', Alberto; Calandra, Davide; Prattico', Filippo Gabriele; Gatteschi, Valentina; ... (2021)
An evaluation testbed for locomotion in virtual reality. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, vol. 27:3, pp. 1871-1889. ISSN 1077-2626 Download fulltext
Prattico', Filippo Gabriele; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2021)
Mixed-reality robotic games: Design guidelines for effective entertainment with consumer robots. In: IEEE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE, vol. 10, pp. 6-16. ISSN 2162-2248 Download fulltext
Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Baldo, Piero; Cannavo', Alberto; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2019)
Investigating tangible user interaction in mixed-reality robotic games. In: 9th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Berlin, Berlin, Germany, September 8-11, 2019, pp. 205-210. ISBN: 978-1-7281-2745-3 Download fulltext
Morra, Lia; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Prattico', Filippo Gabriele; La Rosa, Salvatore; ... (2019)
Building trust in autonomous vehicles: Role of virtual reality driving simulators in HMI design. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, vol. 68:10, pp. 9438-9450. ISSN 0018-9545 Download fulltext
Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Cannavo', Alberto; Chen, Junchao; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2019)
User perception of robot's role in floor projection-based Mixed-Reality robotic games. In: IEEE 23RD International Symposium on Consumer Technologies (ISCT 2019), Ancona, Italy, June 19-21, 2019, pp. 76-81. ISBN: 978-1-7281-3570-0 Download fulltext
Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Strada, Francesco; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Bottino, ANDREA ... (2019)
Asteroid Escape: A serious game to foster teamwork abilities. In: 40th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics 2019), Genova, Italy, May 6-10, 2019, pp. 53-56
Calandra, Davide; Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Cannavo', Alberto; Micelli, Luca; ... (2019)
Building reconfigurable passive haptic interfaces on demand using off-the-shelf construction bricks. In: 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR 2019), Osaka, Japan, March 23-27, 2019, pp. 1403-1404. ISBN: 978-1-7281-1377-7 Download fulltext
Lamberti, Fabrizio; Calandra, Davide; Bazzano, Federica; Prattico, Filippo G.; ... (2018)
RobotQuest: A robotic game based on projected mixed reality and proximity interaction. In: IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media (GEM 2018), Galway, Ireland, August 15-17, 2018, pp. 196-199. ISBN: 9781538663042
Lamberti, Fabrizio; Pratticò, Filippo G.; Calandra, Davide; Piumatti, Giovanni; Bazzano, ... (2018)
Robotic gaming and user interaction: Impact of autonomous behaviors and emotional features. In: IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media (GEM 2018), Galway, Ireland, August 15-17, 2018, pp. 441-448. ISBN: 9781538663042
Cannavo', Alberto; Musto, Marco; Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Raho, Francesco; Lamberti, ... (2018)
A participative system for tactics analysis in sport training based on immersive virtual reality. In: 4th Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality (WEVR 2018) - 25th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR 2018), Reutlingen, Germany, March 18-22, 2018, pp. 1-4 Download fulltext
Cannavo', Alberto; Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Ministeri, Giuseppe; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2018)
A movement analysis system based on immersive virtual reality and wearable technology for sport training. In: 4th International Conference on Virtual Reality (ICVR2018), Hong Kong, February 24-26, 2018, pp. 26-31. ISBN: 978-145036408-9
Piumatti, Giovanni; Prattico', FILIPPO GABRIELE; Paravati, Gianluca; Lamberti, Fabrizio (2018)
Enabling autonomous navigation in a commercial off-the-shelf toy robot for robotic gaming. In: 35th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE2018), Las Vegas, NV, January 12-14, 2018, pp. 1-6. ISBN: 9781538630259
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