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October 17, 2018

7° DAUIN Lunch Seminar - New Standards for Multimedia Streaming Systems

12.30, Conference room “Luigi Ciminiera”, DAUIN, Corso Castelfidardo 34/D, Torino

Digital multimedia communications are an essential part of our daily life. We interact with a large number of multimedia-capable devices every day, ranging from mobile phones to smart TV sets.
Moreover, the possibility to use new channels such as Internet pushed the development of new innovative and personalized communications services, notably including also traditional broadcast services (live TV). This revolution is made possible on one hand by the increase of the Internet bandwidth available for each user, both in the fixed and mobile scenario, and on the other hand by improved multimedia coding and communication technologies that allow systems to work even in difficult communication scenarios.
The goal of this talk is to present an overview of the current situation of the standards and technologies for on-demand video services, with particular reference to recently developed codecs and communication optimization algorithms to improve the overall system quality as perceived by the final user.
More specifically, the talk will overview video coding standards such as HEVC by MPEG but also and its royalty-free competitor AV1, the underlying principles of HTTP streaming techniques which are used almost everywhere for Internet video delivery and how perceived video quality can be evaluated in such scenarios.

Speaker: Enrico Masala