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Member of Interdepartmental Center (FULL - Future Urban Legacy Lab)

+39 0110907291 / 7291 (DAUIN)

+39 0110904126 / 4126 (DET)

Most recent publications

Coronado, Estefanía; Raviglione, Francesco; Malinverno, Marco; Casetti, Claudio; ... (2021)
ONIX: Open Radio Network Information eXchange. In: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE, vol. 59, pp. 14-20. ISSN 0163-6804 Download fulltext
Minetto, A.; Zocca, S.; Raviglione, F.; Malinverno, M.; Casetti, C. E.; Chiasserini, C. ... (2021)
Cooperative Localization Enhancement through GNSS Raw Data in Vehicular Networks. In: Globecom 2021, Madrid (Spain), December 2021 Download fulltext
Iorio, Marco; Risso, Fulvio Giovanni Ottavio; Casetti, Claudio Ettore (2021)
When Latency Matters: Measurements and Lessons Learned. In: COMPUTER COMMUNICATION REVIEW, vol. 51, pp. 2-13. ISSN 0146-4833 Download fulltext
Raviglione, Francesco; Malinverno, Marco; Feraco, Stefano; Avino, Giuseppe; Casetti, ... (2021)
Experimental Assessment of IEEE 802.11-based V2I Communications. In: The Eighteenth ACM International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks (PE-WASUN) 2021, Alicante (Spain), November 2021 Download fulltext
Martin-Perez, Jorge; Antevski, Kiril; Guimaraes, Carlos; Bernardos, C. J.; Papagianni, ... (2021)
Self-Managed 5G Networks. In: Communications Network and Service Management In the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning / S.N., S.L., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., pp. 69-100. ISBN: 9781119675501
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