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PhD Student
Adjunct Professor

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Dri, Emanuele; Giusto, Edoardo; Montrucchio, Bartolomeo (2022)
Towards practical Quantum Credit Risk Analysis. In: National Physical Laboratory Joint Symposium on Quantum Technologies, Londra (UK), 13-14 settembre 2022
Casciola, Nadir; Giusto, Edoardo; Dri, Emanuele; Oliveira, Daniel; Rech, Paolo; ... (2022)
Understanding the Impact of Cutting in Quantum Circuits Reliability to Transient Faults. In: The 28th IEEE International Symposium on On-Line Testing and Robust System Design, Torino (ITA), 12-14 settembre 2022
Oliveira, Daniel; Giusto, Edoardo; Dri, Emanuele; Casciola, Nadir; Baheri, Betis; Guan, ... (2022)
QuFI: a Quantum Fault Injector to Measure the Reliability of Qubits and Quantum Circuits. In: Dependable Systems and Networks, 27-30 June 2022, pp. 137-149
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