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Cabodi, Gianpiero; Camurati, Paolo; Palena, Marco; Pasini, Paolo (2021)
Optimizing Binary Decision Diagrams for Interpretable Machine Learning Classification. In: Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 01-05 February 2021, pp. 1122-1125. ISBN: 978-3-9819263-5-4
Fadda, Edoardo; Manerba, Daniele; Cabodi, Gianpiero; Camurati, Paolo; Tadei, Roberto (2021)
Comparative analysis of models and performance indicators for optimal service facility location. In: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART E-LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION REVIEW, vol. 145. ISSN 1366-5545
Fadda, Edoardo; Manerba, Daniele; Cabodi, Gianpiero; Camurati, Paolo Enrico; Tadei, ... (2021)
Evaluation of optimal charging station location for electric vehicles: an Italian case-study. In: Studies in Computational Intelligence / S.N., S.L., Springer, pp. 71-87. ISBN: 978-3-319-00410-5
Cabodi, G; Camurati, P; Pasini, P; Patti, D; Vendraminetto, D (2020)
Schema-Based Instruction with Enumerative Combinatorics and Recursion to Develop Computer Engineering Students' Problem-Solving Skills. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION, vol. 36, pp. 1505-1528. ISSN 0949-149X
Fadda, Edoardo; Manerba, Daniele; Tadei, Roberto; Camurati, Paolo Enrico; Cabodi, ... (2019)
KPIs for Optimal Location of charging stations for Electric Vehicles: the Biella case-study. In: 12th International Workshop on Computational Optimization, Leipzig, Germany, September 1-4, pp. 123-126
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