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Bellarmino, Nicolo; Cantoro, Riccardo; Huch, Martin; Kilian, Tobias; Martone, Raffaele; ... (2021)
Exploiting Active Learning for Microcontroller Performance Prediction. In: 2021 IEEE European Test Symposium, 24-28 May 2021, pp. 1-4. ISBN: 978-1-6654-1849-2 Download fulltext
Damljanovic, Aleksa; Ruospo, Annachiara; Sanchez Sanchez, Ernesto; Squillero, Giovanni (2021)
A Benchmark Suite of RT-level Hardware Trojansfor Pipelined Microprocessor Cores. In: 24th IEEE International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS), Vienna, Austria, April 7-9 Download fulltext
Calabrese, A.; Quer, S.; Squillero, G. (2021)
Smart techniques for flying-probe testing. In: 16th International Conference on Software Technologies, ICSOFT 2021, 2021, pp. 285-293. ISBN: 978-989-758-523-4 Download fulltext
Squillero, G.; Tonda, A. (2020)
Evolutionary algorithms and machine learning: Synergies, Challenges and Opportunities. In: 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO 2020, mex, 2020, pp. 1190-1205. ISBN: 9781450371278 Download fulltext
Sudholt, D.; Squillero, G. (2020)
Theory and practice of population diversity in evolutionary computation. In: 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO 2020, mex, 2020, pp. 975-992. ISBN: 9781450371278 Download fulltext
Quer, Stefano; Marcelli, Andrea; Squillero, Giovanni (2020)
The Maximum Common Subgraph Problem: A Parallel and Multi-Engine Approach. In: COMPUTATION, vol. 8, pp. 1-29. ISSN 2079-3197 Download fulltext
Cantoro, Riccardo; Damljanovic, Aleksa; Sonza Reorda, Matteo; Squillero, Giovanni (2020)
A Novel Sequence Generation Approach to Diagnose Faults in Reconfigurable Scan Networks. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, vol. 69, pp. 87-98. ISSN 0018-9340 Download fulltext
Cantoro, Riccardo; Huch, Martin; Kilian, Tobias; Martone, Raffaele; Schlichtmann, Ulf; ... (2020)
Machine Learning based Performance Prediction of Microcontrollers using Speed Monitors. In: IEEE International Test Conference, Washington, DC, USA, 1-6 Nov. 2020, pp. 1-5. ISBN: 978-1-7281-9113-3
Barbiero, Pietro; Ciravegna, Gabriele; Cirrincione, Giansalvo; Tonda, Alberto; ... (2020)
Generating Neural Archetypes to Instruct Fast and Interpretable Decisions. In: The International Conference on Decision Economics, pp. 45-52. ISSN 2194-5357. ISBN: 978-3-030-38226-1 Download fulltext
Ciravegna, Gabriele; Barbiero, Pietro; Cirrincione, Giansalvo; Squillero, Giovanni; ... (2020)
Discovering Hierarchical Neural Archetype Sets. In: Progresses in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Systems / S.N., Cham, Springer, pp. 255-267. ISBN: 978-981-15-5092-8
Giovannitti, Eliana; Squillero, Giovanni; Alberto, Tonda (2020)
Virtual Measurement of the Backlash Gap in Industrial Manipulators. In: SEMCCO 2019 & FANCCO 2019, Maribor, Slovenia,EU, 10 – 12 July 2019, pp. 189-200. ISSN 1865-0929 Download fulltext
ATZENI, ANDREA; Diaz, Fernando; Lopez, Francisco; Marcelli, Andrea; Sanchez, Antonio; ... (2020)
The Rise of Android Banking Trojans. In: IEEE POTENTIALS, vol. 39, pp. 13-18. ISSN 0278-6648 Download fulltext
Giovannitti, Eliana; Mannella, Luca; Andrea, Marcelli; Squillero, Giovanni (2019)
Evolutionary Antivirus Signature Optimization. In: 2019 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), Wellington, 10-13 June 2019, pp. 905-912. ISBN: 978-1-7281-2153-6 Download fulltext
Bonaria, Luciano; Raganato, Maurizio; Squillero, Giovanni; Reorda, Matteo Sonza (2019)
Test-Plan Optimization for Flying-Probes In-Circuit Testers. In: 2019 IEEE International Test Conference in Asia (ITC-Asia), pp. 19-24. ISBN: 978-1-7281-4718-5 Download fulltext
Bonaria, L.; Raganato, M.; Sonza Reorda, M.; Squillero, G. (2019)
A dynamic greedy test scheduler for optimizing probe motion in in-circuit testers. In: 2019 IEEE European Test Symposium, ETS 2019, Baden Baden, Germany, 2019, pp. 1-2. ISBN: 978-1-7281-1173-5 Download fulltext
Damljanovic, Aleksa; Jutman, Artur; Squillero, Giovanni; Tsertov, Anton (2019)
Post-Silicon Validation of IEEE 1687 Reconfigurable Scan Networks. In: 24th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS), Baden-Baden, Germany, 27-31 May 2019 Download fulltext
Cantoro, Riccardo; Damljanovic, Aleksa; SONZA REORDA, Matteo; Squillero, Giovanni (2019)
An Enhanced Evolutionary Technique for the Generation of Compact Reconfigurable Scan-Network Tests. In: JOURNAL OF CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTERS. ISSN 0218-1266 Download fulltext
Pellegrino, Simone; Perboli, Guido; Squillero, Giovanni (2019)
Balancing the equity-efficiency trade-off in personal income taxation: an evolutionary approach. In: ECONOMIA POLITICA, vol. 36, pp. 37-64. ISSN 1120-2890 Download fulltext
Damljanovic, Aleksa; Jutman, Artur; Portolan, Michele; Ernesto, Sanchez; Squillero, ... (2019)
Simulation-based Equivalence Checking between IEEE 1687 ICL and RTL. In: 50th IEEE International Test Conference, ITC 2019, Washington DC (USA), 12-14 November Download fulltext
Bartoli, Alberto; De Lorenzo, Andrea; Medvet, Eric; Squillero, Giovanni (2019)
Multi-level diversity promotion strategies for Grammar-guided Genetic Programming. In: APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING. ISSN 1568-4946 Download fulltext
Damljanovic, Aleksa; Squillero, Giovanni; Cem Gursoy, Cemil; Jenihhin, Maksim (2019)
On NBTI-induced Aging Analysis in IEEE 1687 Reconfigurable Scan Networks. In: 27th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, Cuzco, Peru, 6-9 October 2019 Download fulltext
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