CGVG - Computer Graphics and Vision Group

The CG&VG research group has strong experience and expertise in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction (HMI), User eXperience (UX), Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The most recent research activities in VR/AR focus on developing and assessing novel approaches in different application domains, ranging from education to learning, visualization and promotion of cultural heritage. The group is also actively working on the development of Embodied Conversational Agents (equipped with empathic features). Such ECAs can improve the natural and realistic interaction with humans and provide active support to learners, thus helpèing develop effective didactic approaches in various XR-based educational and training scenarios. Other activities focus on Serious Games and the most suitable theoretical and technical tools to improve their expected results. Regarding AI, the most recent works in the field of machine learning involve the areas of face-recognition (for the development of robust algorithms for recognition even in the presence of significant age variations between the images to be analyzed and a large number of individuals), automatic identification of attacks on biometric recognition systems (in particular, those based on fingerprints), the reconstruction of the articulated movement of players in sports scenes and the recognition of activities from egocentric vision (i.e. the recognition of actions performed by actors through video sequences acquired by cameras worn by the subject).


  • Computer Graphics
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality (eXtended reality)
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Serious Games
  • User eXperience
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Computational geometry

Projects and publications