Head of Department Vice Head of Department Service Centre Manager
Full Professor (L. 240)
Associate Professor (L. 240)
Staff member

The Department's staff includes the Professors (24 Full Professors, 30 Associate Professors), Assistant Professors (11 in tenure track, 19 not in tenure track), confirmed Assistant Professors (4) and  who have opted for the affiliation to the Department in compliance with the current legislation and the rules reported in the Statute and in the General Guideline of the University.

The Department's staff also includes the technical and administrative staff (10 and 16, respectively), who have been assigned to the managing structure supporting the Department's activities, together with contract professors, research assistants with a grant awarded by the Department (27), research fellows with a grant approved by the Department, Ph.D. students enrolled in the Ph.D. courses of the Department (203), emeritus professors (2), as well as external collaborators hired for research activities.
The following entities are official bodies of the Department: the Head of the Department, the Vice Head of the Department, the Service Centre Manager, the Department Council and the Executive Committee.

The Department has a Research Quality and a Teaching Quality Coordinators that, in the articulated context of the departmental system, on the one hand guarantee the quality of the courses and the teaching facilities, focusing on the students. On the other hand, they guarantee the organization of the services that are internally provided, but also exploited by external entities, focusing on all the users of the Department: teachers, technical and administrative staff, companies, and students.

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