VR@POLITO is the name of an initiative launched by Board of Governors of Politecnico di Torino to support activities on virtual reality and related technologies. 

The laboratory presently includes two nodes (one at DAUIN, focusing on technology and research, the other at DISEG, focusing on applications) and leverages competences and spaces available at these and other Departments with the support of the Information Technology Area of Politecnico di Torino.The laboratory will work on the cutting edge of technology in the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, by designing, developing and testing innovative tools and services capable to enhance the implementation and exploitation of research and teaching activities in these domains at Politecnico di Torino.

These activities will be accompanied by initiatives aimed to improve the visibility of competences of both Politecnico di Torino’s staff and students in these areas, in order to draw the attention of external stakeholders and potential investors at both the local, national and international level.

Type Research laboratory
Phone +39 011 090 7005
Web site http://vr.polito.it